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Small Feet Socks- Men's

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About Small Feet Socks- Men's

Small Feet Socks- Men's

Socks For Men With Small Feet

By now most of you have figured out that Men's standard socks are not one size fits all, specially if you are below size 8 or above size 13. Fortunately for the big and tall manufacturers have figured out the need. But when it gets to men with small feet there choices are more limited. We have had to custom order most of the socks you see on this page. Most Men's socks start out at 9 to 10 inch and stretch out the rest and that is why if your feet are less than 9 inch long almost all socks are too big for you. Here at sockbroker we measure all socks to make sure they meet our small feet standards. No sock is more than 6 inch long from heal to toe and some are less than that. We also make the top 1 inch shorter to make the socks more proportional. 

Standard Sizing: Standard men's socks are are sized 10-13 shoe size 8-12

Small feet Size:  Sock size 9-11 For shoe size 5-9,

size 6-8 for shoe size 4-6 only available on some styles


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