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Men's socks

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About Men's socks

Men's Socks

Socks for men come in 3 sizes.

When choosing men's socks be sure first to choose from the right size and then to decide what material you want your socks to be made of.  

Why Material Matters?  There are generally 4 material that most socks are made of, Cotton, Nylon, Wool, Rayhon and Silk all mixed with other material like lycra, coolmax, spandex and other man made fibers to help shape the socks that you wear. Material makes a difference in the thickness of the socks as well as the functionality of the sock. For example people in humid places like florida  people like to wear thin 100% cotton socks, or low cut ankle socks. Not suprisingly we do not get many orders for wool socks from florida since the winters are mild as well.   Rayon socks are generally the most colorful and textured, which means you can feel the socks patterns with your fingers they have great luster and shine and are good for formal events with black tuxedo.

Cotton silk and wool are always my preference  as the sock expert .( That does'nt mean you can't wear a rayon or nylon socks for your friends wedding for1night). Cotton helps your feet breath and there are no allergic reaction generally to a natural fiber such as cotton.  You can choose from thin combed cotton or cotton athletic socks with some padding. The downside  to cotton socks is that its always shrinking throughout the life of the socks, just like your undershirt every time you wash it shrink micro amounts not noticable until one day its too small or short.  Another drawback to cotton is that it fades over time. You can slow fadding by washing in cold water and not over drying your socks in the dryer. The more cotton the socks has the better it is for your feet but less the sock will last because it lacks the reinfocements that man made material bring to it.


Thickness is Important:   Socks vary in thickness depending on use. For expample Wool Hiking wool socks are thicker than Merino Wool Dress Socks. Boot socks are thicker than standard athletic socks which are thicker than dress socks. When it gets to dress socks the thinnest is ofcourse sheer nylon socks, but if you want cotton and not sheer mercerized and combed cotton is the thinest you can find. One of the lightest and thinest mercerized cotton socks are our Ricci 100% mercerized cotton dress socks.  On our website we generally let you know if its padded or thick N thin in the title of the product.

When purchasing padded socks be sure to make sure you have enough room in your shoes for extra thickness. If your shoes usually fit like a glove you may not have the room for padding.


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