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Big & Tall Socks For Wide Calf

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About Big & Tall Socks For Wide Calf

Socks for large Calf's

Are you calf's wide, do you have problems getting your socks around your ankle and calf? Then this the product for you, our large selection of wide top socks for your athletic and large calf's are the answer to your prayer. Each style was hand picked and tested to make sure they wide enough to meet our tought standards at sockbroker.com. Weather you want a wide top dress socks or crew socks we can meet your needs. We have wrestlers, football players, baseball players that wear our large calf socks in comfort and style, get rid of the sock band impression left on your feet for good. If your socks are leaving deeps marks on your leg from the elastic its time to try our wide top socks for your large calf.


Why do you see diabetic socks in this catagory?

As some of you may know diabetics suffer from low blood circulation and as a result cannot and should not wear standard socks, diabetic socks  usually stretch more and are looser around the calf by using less elastic or different methods of weaving the sock so that they would not bind circulation, other than that they are just like any other socks, so if you have large calf's this is a great solution you get a normal sock with stretchability to go around your large athletic calves and it eliminates impression marks left by the elastic on your legs which may be a sign of other problems ( poor circulation diabetes) you may want to check with your doctors or change socks



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