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About Size chart

  • Standard Women's Size:  Sock size 9-11 is for shoe size 4-9


  • For ladies with feet size over size 9 there are not to many choices in the market place for queen size socks but the 10-13 men's socks are a viable alternative we do have a great selection of men's socks in 50 colors

Frequently asked size question

  1. I am a male with a size 6 shoe? If I purchase women's socks how are they different than men's socks?

  2. or I am a Female with a size 11 foot? Can I purchase Men's socks

Answer:  Physically there are a couple of difference between men's and women's socks the first is the top elastic band or welt of the socks. The men's socks the welt is between 2-3 inches thick to accommodate the larger calf  in contrast the women's socks the welt is an inch to 1-2 inch top band. its only a slight cosmetic difference, which most of the time will not be seen or noticed. Another difference is the lenght from the heal to the top is a bit shorter, so for men with shorter legs below size 9, 9-11 socks will sometimes work better because they will not go too far up the calf. 

How ever,  women's socks tend to be more color full and color rich and because of that the cotton mixture tends to be lower  in order to avoid color fading,

    Men as a general rule wear socks on a daily bases and require higher quality socks to withstand repeated washes and constant wear and tear 

Personally I have been in the socks business for almost 10 years and my rule is "if it looks good and goes with the outfit who cares what size it is wear it and enjoy it.

  • 13-15 size socks are for shoe size 13,14, 15
  • 13-17 socks are for shoe size 12 to 16
  • Big and tall sizes all depend on how wide your feet are too as it takes away from the length when socks are stretch side ways. So if you are a size 13 or 14 it doesn't matter for you but if you are size 15 double wide, I would keep to the 13-17 or 13-18 socks.


Please keep in mind that some socks are gender neural meaning, socks such as white sports socks, or ankle socks and no show socks, tube socks, diabetic socks are uni sex. Tne only difference between the men's and women's size is the size of the sock.

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