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Big and Tall Diabetic Socks 13-17

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About Big and Tall Diabetic Socks 13-17

Big and Tall Diabetic Socks 13-17

Big and Tall none binding Diabetic Socks

Here we have a great selection of big and tall socks for diabetics and large athletic build calf's.

What are diabetic socks? Whats the difference between them and other sock

Diabetic socks are low compression sock to make sure blood circulation is not cut off by too much compression along your ankle and calf along with your feet.  

You do not have to be a diabetic to benefit from these socks. If you currect socks are leaving deep imprints on your legs you can avoid future problems by wearing low compression socks now.

If you have large ankles or calf's these big and tall diabetic socks will also expand to fit around your legs.


How ever there are different types of diabetic socks for different purposes. Some socks still retain the band on top but just at a looser compression , other socks get rid of the band completly and replace with single strands of elastic this is really good if your feet are swollen because the single strands tend to stretch out more.


 Although all of them are low compression some do not expand out as much as others.  

We also carry a line of 100% cotton diabetic socks for those of you who cannot wear synthetic materials. For small sizes please check the women's diabetic  and men's diabetic section of the site.


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