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Purple socks-Men's

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About Purple socks-Men's

Purple socks-Men's

Men's purple socks

Choosing purple socks as a color is simple and fast at sockbroker.com. We have purple, lavender, violet, and dark purple socks for men. They come in nylon, cotton or rayon.  Choose what is right for you.

For centuries purple was one of the most sought after and most expensive colors. Since purple rarely occurs in nature it was very hard to find and produce. It is estimated it took over 12000 shelfish to produce just under 2 grams of pure purple extract dye (and im sure they didn't make purple socks with it). So it was the color of Kings and Emperors. Thank goodness for science today we can produce purple by the ton without having to get 12000 shellfish. 

WE have a great selection of Men's purple socks

Shades of Purple

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