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Size 8-12 100% Cotton Comfort Top Diabetic Crew Socks

Size 8-12 100% Cotton Comfort Top  Diabetic Crew Socks
Size 8-12 100% Cotton Comfort Top  Diabetic Crew Socks
Brand: Health Circle
Product Code: R-266
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This 100% cotton comfort top sock are one of our most popular socks. Its not only good for people who suffer from diabetes, but its a great sock for anyone with low circulation and allergies towards nylons and rubber as well as swollen or large calf's.
Its easy to tell if you could benefit from this sock. The next time you take your socks off look for track marks on your calfs or ankles, if you see track marks from the elastic on your legs its time to try our 100% cotton socks  socks.
Available Colors:  Black, White  (brown and navy is discontinued)
  • This fabulous socks replaces the elastic band on top with a series of thin elastic strands in the top 6 inch of the sock.
  • Standard thickness of standard white athletic socks
  • From the toe to above the ankle this sock is 100 percent cotton. Honeycomb design allows sock to expand up to 19 inch to fit around your large or swollen leg
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  • For shoe size 8 to 12.5   sock size 10-13
  • Mid-Calf Length
  • $ave money by purchasing 3 or 6 packs  (type in multiple color choices per pack or just 1)
  • Any 3 pairs of the same price will get you the 3 pack price you are not limited to just this 1 style
  • Please note: this sock is 100% cotton from toe to the upper rim of the socks, is it important to point out  that elastic is needed in any sock in order for the sock to stay up, this is not a non elastic sock, this is a sock constructed with 100% cotton from toe to rim. In reality this sock and any other socks that is labeled 100% cotton  has between 3-5% elastic on top needed to hold the sock in place. All socks have elastic up in the rim  but  they also contain 20-25% of nylon reinforcement through out the sock for durability, our 100% cotton socks forgoes the reinforcement of the sock making it a truely 100% cotton sock from toe to rim,  just a single thin strand of  elastic on top to hold the sock in place.

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